We are so THRILLED you are here! We whole-heartedly believe in cultivating MEANINGFUL relationships with our clients, so we are excited for you to get to know us! Just think of us as a FRIEND capturing your special moments!

We're Melissa and Arturo Gonzalez. We are college sweethearts that love to travel, could eat pizza everyday, and love celebrating our marriage, our couples marriages, and a LEGACY for your future family & friends! 

Melissa & Arturo


Trust is the most important value


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Pride & Prejudice

Electrical Engineer by profession PHOTOGRAPHER & FILMMAKER at 





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"Those that don't recall  history are doomed to repeat it"

Our Story

It all started with a hug...

We were both engineering students at the University of Texas at San Antonio, in student engineering organizations. It was in Fall of 2009, and it was finals time. Things were not going well, and Arturo offered a comforting hug. Needless to say it was a pretty good hug! From that moment on, we became best friends! 

In February, we went on our first date, movies and ice cream. It was in front of the ice cream shop that Arturo asked me to be his girlfriend, it was then and there that we had our last first kiss! We still remember that day like it was yesterday and we visit that ice cream shop every year on our anniversary. 

How We Became Wedding Photographers

After 6 and a half years of dating, we were married in July of 2016 in the gorgeous Kendall Point in Boerne, TX. 
Less than a year after our wedding we rediscovered our passion for photography and now we are pursuing our dreams together as Wedding Photographers & Filmmakers! 

Over the years we have both grown so much individually and together in love. From college life, to getting our first jobs, strengthening our faith together, planning our wedding and getting married. It has been such an amazing time in our lives and we continue to grow more in love with each other with every passing day. 

As human beings, we have this one extraordinary ability, and that is to love. 

we believe...

In experiences rather than tangible gifts 

we believe...

Every wedding anniversary we celebrate by going to our favorite steak house and taking a trip together! 

Our home can be anywhere as long as we are together

we believe...

Life without laughter is dull

we believe...

We laugh until we cry!

In deep conversations, family dinners, and Sunday barbecues

we believe...

In giving hugs just because

we believe...

Every love story is unique and special

we believe...

classic never goes out of style

we believe...

A happy marriage takes consistency and care

we believe...

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