We're Melissa and Arturo Gonzalez. We are college sweethearts that met in student engineering organizations in the Fall of 2009. After 6 years of dating, we were married in July of 2016 in a beautiful plantation house outside of San Antonio. Less than a year after our wedding we rediscovered our passion for photography and now we are pursuing our dreams together as Wedding and Portrait Photographers & Videographers! 

Hey Love! 

Our Story

We were both engineering students at the University of Texas at San Antonio. It was in December of 2009, when I was having a difficult moment around finals and Arturo offered a comforting hug. From that moment on we became best friends.

It all started with a hug...

In February, we went on our first date, movies and ice cream. It was in front of the ice cream shop that Arturo asked me to be his girlfriend, it was then and there that we had our last first kiss! We still remember that day like it was yesterday and we visit that ice cream shop every year on our anniversary. 

Over the years we have both grown so much individually and together in love. From college life, to getting our first jobs, planning our wedding and getting married. It has been such an amazing time in our lives and we continue to grow more in love with each other with every passing day. 

Our Why

We love being in love. We believe in Marriage. It is a beautiful arrangement that has been instituted by God, that binds a man and a woman, and they become one flesh. We know the work that it has taken to get to your special day, not only the planning but your journey together. We remember everything about our wedding day, who attended, how everything looked once it all came together, our delicious wedding dinner and cakes, but most importantly  we remember how we felt on that day.  We both woke up at our parents houses, excited and sad at the same time, because not only were we leaving both of their houses, but we were coming together to form our own family. This was the first day of the rest of our lives together. This was the first day of our amazing adventure. We had worked so hard to get to this day, it was the day where everyone would come together to celebrate our union.  We look at our wedding album all the time and reminisce about our wedding day and what an amazing day it was.  On your day, everything comes together, everyone gets to experience your love story.  And we want to be the ones to capture your love and tell your story! We want to provide you with memories that you can show your kids,  and reminisce about for years to come. 


There's nothing a slice of chocolate cake or cookies 'n cream ice cream can't fix! 

I think I have a bit of a sweet tooth! Just a bit!

Love The Big Bang Theory! Howard is my fav because engineers are just as smart as physicist! 

Yep, I'm a nerd, and an Electrical Engineer!

I was brought up listening and dancing to music from the 70's.

I love all kinds of music from all eras, including classical music!

Any time I need a break from reality, I love to jump into a good book. 

My all time favorite is Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen.

I'm full of laughter and have a loud laugh! 

When others laugh, it makes me laugh even more!

I've been playing volleyball since I was 6!

I'm very competitive, Arturo says I turn into a whole other person when I play!

I love watching movies! 

I can have a whole conversation with my family quoting movie lines!


I'm a huge Star Wars fan!

When I was growing up my nickname was R2, and ever since then I've collected R2D2 memorabilia.

 I love cars but my favorite car is the Aston Martin Phantom. 

Amazing class and power, not to mention it's James Bond's car of choice!

When it comes to food, there is always room for seconds unless the food is really good, then we are talking thirds!

Pizza and Tacos de lengua there are no limits!

I'd love to meet and get coffee with Chip Gaines! 

After reading his book, I can relate to him and think we'd be best buds. 

Many people find painting a room such a hassle, but I find the whole process soothing and fun! 

I've learned how to color match paint to the exact color anyone wants.

I like classic, old school fashion with a modern touch.

I carry hankerchief, and pocket squares!

Favorite Memorable Quote

"Mornings are for coffee and contemplation." 

- Jim Hopper
Stranger Things

Our Favorites

We are constantly celebrating our relationship and marriage!

We continue to count every month we've been together!

New York Style Pizza, Cheesecake,
New York City!

We went to NYC for our first anniversary, and we love the hustle and bustle!

Our playlist is always on shuffle! 
We love all kinds of music, and never know what is going to come on next!

Our Favorite TV Shows:
- The Flash
- Supergirl
- Top Gear
We love to rewatch: 
- Gilmore Girls
- Downton Abbey
- The Office

We love movies! 
DC and Marvel, Star Wars & Star Trek.

Favorite Superheroes: Iron Man & Wonder Woman

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