Why We Chose to Become Photographers

In August of 2015, Arturo & I started planning our wedding. The first detail we booked was our venue at the beautiful Kendall Plantation in Boerne, TX for July 15, 2016.  We had 11 months to plan our wedding. We had an absolutely amazing wedding, and we say that because everything went off without a hitch. So much planning went into our wedding and we were praying constantly that everything would go smoothly on the day of our wedding. Weddings can be stressful sometime for numerous reasons. Whether it be the actual booking of vendors, finding a style for the wedding, or the pressure to please everyone involved in the wedding. Thankfully we booked some amazing vendors that made our day so wonderful and enjoyable that after we returned from our honeymoon, and started our lives together, we missed being in wedding mode. No more wedding magazines, or Pinterest boards full of wedding details.

So lets fast forward to May of 2017, a couple that I worked with were getting married and were having a very intimate wedding with family and a few close friends. As soon as they told me that they were engaged, I immediately offered to help with anything they needed help with. Not only because I was good friends with both of them, but also because we had just been through our own wedding less than a year before, and I knew that we could help them with anything they made need. Floral arrangements for the tables, getting there early to help set up, and even bringing my camera to take pictures of them on their wedding day! As we got closer to the wedding day, I asked my friends if they had hired a photographer for their wedding day. They told me that they were just going to have friends and family take photos with their cell phones, and upload them to an app. We cannot say enough about our wedding photos and our photographer that we had for our wedding. Even now, we still relive our wedding through our photos. So we understand how important it is to have your wedding documented and documented correctly. Now at the time, we did not consider ourselves professional photographers, but we offered to take photos for them on their wedding day! Taking photos is something that we both love to do, and did as a hobby before our first wedding. They were so happy that we were going to do this for them, among other things on their wedding day. This is how it all started!

Since then, we invested so much into our photography education and have learned from some of the best photographers in the industry. From Amy & Jordan Demos, Katelyn James, Jenna Kutcher, and Hope Taylor! Our goal with starting our business is not only to do something that we love, but to do it together! Too often we have heard workmates that are happy to be at work because there they can get some time away from their spouse. We are not like that. We are sad when we have to go to work, because we miss each other. We spend upwards of 11 hours out of the day apart at work. We’d much rather be spending that time together doing something we love, and serving clients that we love! This is why we chose to become photographers together.

Check out a few of our favorites from our recent sessions!

We are Melissa & Arturo, a husband & wife team in San Antonio, TX. Welcome to our blog! In this space, we are excited to celebrate all of our amazing couples, share what we do, and tips for clients, photographers & videographers, and creatives!

Pour yourself some wine or coffee, depending on what time of day it is ;) and enjoy coming along on our adventures!

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