Brandi & Thomas’s White Chapel Wedding, Garden Ridge, TX

Saturday could not have been a more gorgeous day and perfect for Brandi & Thomas’s wedding! The families and friends of Brandi and Thomas came together to celebrate them becoming one in this charming white chapel! Thomas had brought Brandi to see this 1900’s chapel while they were dating. Once they became engaged they knew this is where they wanted to get married! 

During the speeches as the mic went around the bridal party and family, the one thing everyone kept repeating was, it all started with that funnel cake! Lol The night that Brandi and Thomas really started their relationship, they shared a funnel cake together! Even though both of them were not hungry and were actually full from eating before that, they still ate that funnel cake together! There was an undeniable attraction between these two there is no denying that! You can definitely see the love in some of our favorites from their wedding day! Keep scrolling to see their lovely white chapel wedding! 

Venue: Garden Heights Weddings & Events

March 14, 2019

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