Top 3 Educators That Improved Our Craft

We are so excited to share with you our list of Top 3 Educators that helped us grow our business and our photography and videography skills! It was an exciting feeling starting a business! But we knew that we had hard work ahead in order to set up our business and we wanted to make sure that we set it up right. What does that mean, set it up right? Build a solid business foundation, and learn everything we can about our craft. If you are another creative, you know that being a photographer, a florist, or a graphic designer, etc, is so much more than just being a photographer, florist, or graphic designer. There is a lot time and many facets involved in being a business owner, and it requires tools and knowledge of these tools. We knew this! Trust us, we studied engineering! You can’t say your an engineer without the education to get there!

So when we decided to start a photography business, we prayed because we knew that we needed to find the tools to start building the foundation of our business. If it was meant for us to do this, we asked God to show us the way. The very next day, we found the very first course that we would purchase for our business!

Top 3 Educators For Photography, Videography & Business Courses

01. Amy & Jordan Photography & Business Courses

Amy & Jordan are an amazing husband & wife duo in Arizona, and we absolutely love learning from them! They have three course that we highly recommend to any photographer just starting out. They break things down to where they are so easy to understand and implement! We were excited when we met Amy & Jordan at the United Conference in November!

Husband & Wife posing with two of our top educators

Amy & Jordan’s Courses: Amy & Jordan’s Shooting & Editing Course, Amy & Jordan’s Posing Course, Amy & Jordan’s Business Course

02. Katelyn James’s Photography & Business Courses

Katelyn Jame is a beyond incredible photographer in Richmond, VA. Katelyn has been in business more than 10 years, and she shares all her knowledge, shortcuts, and tips in her courses! We have pretty much every single course and guide that she has sold to photographers! It has been a joy building on our photography foundation that we built with Amy & Jordan with Katelyn’s courses! We love Katelyn James so much! That’s why we went all the way to Virginia to meet her and attend her Live Event! It was the final lesson of the Business Journey course we purchased at the end of 2018. We were so excited to meet Katelyn and her husband Michael at United as well!

Husband & Wife posing with one of our top educators

Katelyn’s Courses: Lightning & Locations Course, Consistency Course, Posing Course, & The Business Course!

03. Full Time Filmmaker by Park Walbeck

Ever since the first wedding we shot, Arturo’s thing was videography! In the midst of all our photography course, we were keeping an eye out for a filmmaking or videography course of some sort for us to learn what we needed to know. Videos really are whole other world, and are more complex that photography. Thankfully, God sent us the best course possible through a Facebook Ad! We watched the webinar that was happening within a matter of minutes of us finding the Ad, and purchased this amazing video packed course!

The Full Time Filmmaker course is jam packed with amazing techniques on how to film, how to edit, how to capture amazing audio. Most of all, how to shoot and capture specific footage like real estate, and music videos for example. Of course they have a Wedding specific section for everything wedding related!


These educators have embraced the Community Over Competition culture and have opened their play book and pulled out all the stops for their students. What could have taken us years to learn, has taken us months! We are learners by heart and have enjoyed learning everything we can to improve our craft of Photography & Filmmaking! We hope that our list of Top 3 Educators That Improved Our Craft, will help you in improving yours!

If you’d like to see how we’ve implemented what we’ve learned, feel free to look through our Featured Weddings & Engagements

We are Melissa & Arturo, a husband & wife team in San Antonio, TX. Welcome to our blog! In this space, we are excited to celebrate all of our amazing couples, share what we do, and tips for clients, photographers & videographers, and creatives!

Pour yourself some wine or coffee, depending on what time of day it is ;) and enjoy coming along on our adventures!

Melissa & Arturo




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