10 Things To Do To Prepare For An Engagement Shoot

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10 Things To Do To Prepare For An Engagement Shoot

Engagement season is so fun and it’s exciting preparing for your engagement shoot! It may seem like a lot of things that need to be done, but don’t worry, we are going to break it down for you! These are 10 things to do to prepare for an engagement shoot!

Select a Date & Time

There are two perfect times during the day to take your photos! Sunrise or Sunset, otherwise known as “Golden Hour”! We absolutely love golden hour and the soft light looks so flattering on us rather than the harsh overhead light of the sun at high noon. During the summer is usually when many couples prefer a sunrise session rather than sunset. It is just so much cooler at sunrise than sunset! If you don’t mind rising early for your engagement photos, this is a perfect option for your engagement photo shoot. If sunrise isn’t ideal for you, sunrise is still a perfect option!

Select a location

Choosing a location for your engagement session can be fun and daunting if you have no idea where you’d like it to be! We love to provide our couples with a list of local locations that are great for photos! If the popular local spots aren’t your thing, it helps to think about any locations that have some significance to you and your fiance throughout your relationship or locations you’ve always wanted to see together and would love photos there! Don’t be afraid to find new locations or to be a little adventurous! 

Coordinate your outfit(s)

When we mention to coordinate your outfits, sometimes our mind automatically goes to “Matching”. That’s not necessarily what we mean! There are a few recommendations that we share with our couples, one of them is to choose lighter colors.  The bold colors, while beautiful can reflect their color onto your fiancé throughout your session as the light changes. You want your engagement look to be cohesive between you and your fiancé! If you select that gorgeous blush or white dress that you’ve had your eye on, then a nice navy or gray coat with slacks would look amazing! 

Make your hair and makeup appointments 

More often than not, an engagement session is the first time that you will have your photos professionally taken! You know that you want to look your best! Your engagement session is the perfect opportunity for your trial run with your makeup and hair stylist!

Skip the tan! 

It’s only natural to want to have that sun-kissed tan for your photos but we highly recommend skipping the spray tan, even if it’s several days prior to your session. Natural skin tones photograph beautifully, and ensure you don’t photograph orange!

Get nails done! 

Along with wanting to look your best, we also want your hands to look their best! Your hands will be in the photos at times when we take some ring shots so treating yourself to a manicure is well worth it! 

Clean Your Ring

Ring shots are some of our favorite photos to take during your session, and it will definitely be featured more than once so it’s one thing you don’t want to forget to clean before your session! 

Bring water bottles! 

Depending on where your session will be and the time of year, there may be some walking to and from locations in warm weather. It’s so important to remember to hydrate!  

An extra pair of shoes

If you are bringing another pair of shoes for your second outfit, perfect! You’ll want to make sure you have another pair of shoes for walking in between locations. If you have heels for your outfits, a pair of flats for walking would be amazing! Your feet will thank you later!

Make a Dinner Reservation for a date night after your session! 

You and your fiancé are already dressed for it, why not enjoy the rest of the evening with a date night!

We hope that these tips on how to prepare for your engagement shoot will make your engagement session easy and enjoyable! For more engagement shoot and wedding tips, feel free to explore our Wedding Tips section on our blog!


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