1978. Quite a few things happened in 1978.¬† The first women astronauts went into space.¬†Garfield debuted in the newspapers for the first time. A gallon of gas was 63 cents. Printed dresses, turtle necks, and wedged boots were all the rage. 98% of Americans had a TV at home. The Commodores, and the Bee Gees […]

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husband swinging wife in front of gazebo at kendall point

Kendall Point Anniversary Session | Courtney & Ernie We are so excited to share Courtney & Ernie’s Anniversary photos at our favorite venue, Kendall Point! We’ve known Courtney & Ernie for almost a year now, and they are the sweetest friends anyone could ever ask for! On May 2nd, they celebrated their third wedding anniversary!!! […]

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