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It was a sunny afternoon in July. Most of all the guests were seated after signing the guest book, and getting their fan programs. The first melody started and the bride and groom’s parents made their way down the aisle towards the gazebo. The groom took a deep breath to keep it together as he knew that she would be next to come down those stairs to him. As A Thousand Years by Christina Perri came on, and the doors of the plantation house opened, there she was. With each step, she came closer and they both were flooded with emotion as they started to reflect on not only the past year, but on the past six and half years they’ve been together. Back to the day that they knew, this was it. Her father handed her over to the groom, and told him to take care of her. They were finally together, finally starting this great adventure. As they were pronounced as husband and wife, they could not jump into each other’s arms quicker. They were grinning from ear to ear for the rest of the evening, and still are today.

Throughout out the rest of the evening, their love filled the room. You could see this in their first dance. Though they have danced before, this one was different. He swept her across the floor like never before. It’s as if they both were floating with every twirl and turn. Their song meant so much to them and expressed exactly what they felt, God bless the broken road that lead them straight to each other. Just before the song ended, he dipped her just the way she used to tell her dad to when she was little.

As the bride and groom made their way around to thank all of their guests for coming, one of the family friends told them that she knew this was a love to last as soon as she saw the groom start to cry when he saw his wife.

That bride and groom was us.  This is why we do what we do. We had an amazing photographer that captured all of these moments, even the moment of Arturo crying when I came down the aisle. We can relive our first dance, tasting our cake, and saying goodbye to our parents at our sparkler send off just be looking at those photos. We want to capture those moments for you!



February 12, 2018

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