One Thing Every Bridesmaid Should Have In Their Bag On Wedding Day

Hey Y’all, Melissa here!

I wanted to share one thing that every bridesmaids should include in their bag for wedding day. This is something I learned from personal experience, so it’s story telling time.

I was in a wedding for a high school friend in March of 2014. We had just finished having our hair and makeup done and it was time to get dressed. In a crowded hotel room with 12 other bridesmaids, and the bride, I put on my bridesmaid dress which was a simple floor length strapless dress. When I leaned over to grab my shoes, I felt the seam of my zipper on the back of my dress pop! The zipper track opened from the top of the dress, where the zipper was, to about half way down the length of the zipper. I froze. One of the bridesmaids noticed I froze and thought I was feeling sick because I was still hunched over, and then realize the back of my dress was open. A group of the girls came around me immediately and told me not to freak out! I wasn’t about to because it wasn’t going to do any good being hysterical. I just told them I needed someone to fix it.  Each bridesmaid took turns trying to get the zipper to come down the track so they could zip it back up. That zipper acted like it was tracked in mud! They could barely get it part of the way down. During this time, the photographer arrived to the room and saw the issue we were having. After she snapped a few photos of the bride getting her makeup done, she came over to where I was at in the bathroom, and attempted to bring the zipper down. When she couldn’t get it down, she mentioned that she could sow me in the dress! Light bulb! I said yes can you do that! We called the front desk of the hotel and asked them to send up a sowing kit. When they sent one, we called back down for another one. Elizabeth, the photographer, sowed the back of my dress from the bottom of the split to the zipper. We then tucked the flips of the dress that were unzipped into my dress to make a V in the back.

Once I was sown up in my dress, I was then able to lace up the bride in her dress! 

During the reception, I was getting so many complements on the back of my dress and how it looked so pretty. If only they had known that it was a wardrobe malfunction. So now I always have with me a needle and thread with me because you never know when you will need to sow someone in a dress!

February 19, 2018

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