How We Planned Our 2020 Goals

At the beginning of the year, Arturo & I sat down and asked ourselves this one question for our marriage, for ourselves personally, and our business. This is how we planned our 2020 goals!
If we could do one thing and know we would not fail, what would we do?
Our mentor, Jasmine Star asked us this question as we started the new year. The only thing stopping us from doing the things that we have dreamed of is ourselves. Our fear, our insecurities, and our outlook can stop us in our tracks. Many of the things that we’ve wanted to do personally, spiritually, and in our business, were on hold because we were waiting for the perfect situation. Guess what? There won’t be one! There will always be an obstacles to deter us from our course. That’s where pivoting comes in. A contingency plan if you will. We need to not let fear stop up, and just do it!
So we are pumped! We are ready! Now what? How are we going to get there?
It was time to reverse engineer our outcomes or goals! Thankfully one of us is an Arranger! I loves arranging processes and breaking things down to flow in an efficient way. That’s probably why I’m an engineer lol.
Our first step was to started out by looking at the outcome and start mapping out the milestones to get to our outcome. What needs to happen to get to that outcome? As you ask yourself this more and more, you will continue to break down your goals in smaller bite size tasks. It’s really important to take a look at your goals in bite size chunks so you don’t get overwhelmed. We totally understand, we want to do all the things! That’s why there’s a hashtag about doing “all the things!” lol We can, but it will take time! Small steps are better than getting overwhelmed and not taking any.
Once we had our milestones for each of our goals, we then started to look at our how long will the little tasks take, and when we wanted to reach our goals. Looking at both of these time constraints helps show us what’s realistic!
Now comes putting your milestones on the calendar! We took a look at our calendar and wrote down all the knowns. Those would be all the events in our year, weddings, conventions, conferences and trips. Then we wrote down all the time that we reserved for ourselves. That includes our anniversaries, our weekly date nights, and other spiritual activities that we want to reserve time for on our calendar.
As we transitioned from mapping out our known events, to our weekly date nights, we started looking at our year as a whole, then quarters (every 3 months), and next weeks.
On Sundays evenings, we sit together at our dining room table and review how last week went. What were some of our wins? Was there anything that we didn’t get to and need to move to the next week? What are our next steps on our goals?
Once we’ve reflected on last week, we start to look forward on the next week. These steps below are the steps we take for setting up the next week.
  1. Write down our known events – weddings, sessions, our date night, editing and our personal goals like working out.
  2. We then reserve down time for ourselves.
Having down time to just rest is something that we’ve found to really help avoid burnout. Burnout is real. And it can happen without you even realizing it.
  1. We look at the gaps of time for each day.
  2. We start to fill in the day with the most important things that need to get done, and the growth tasks.
Growth tasks for us, are the tasks that are doing to move our business towards the direction we want. Collaborations, and projects with other entrepreneurs and clients!
  1. Schedule everything that we have planned in our Google Calendar
The last thing we do once we are done writing everything in our paper planners, is to then set everything in our Google Calendar as well! This helps so much because our Google Calendar is on our phone, and we can set reminders! At times our paper planner isn’t with us so the Google Calendar is out back up! This is how we planned our 2020 goals!
If you enjoy checklists like we do, Trello is a good tool to check out! This is where we also have our 2020 goals written with milestone and the checklist of things to be done.
We are always happy to help work through a goal setting process with you if you feel stumped on what needs to happen to reach your goals! Feel free to reach out to us! 🙂  We’d be happy to walk you through in more detail how we planned our 2020 goals!

We are Melissa & Arturo, a husband & wife team in San Antonio, TX. Welcome to our blog! In this space, we are excited to celebrate all of our amazing couples, share what we do, and tips for clients, photographers & videographers, and creatives!

Pour yourself some wine or coffee, depending on what time of day it is ;) and enjoy coming along on our adventures!

Melissa & Arturo




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