3 Things to Consider About Wedding Videography

videographer filming bride and groom

While you are envisioning your wedding day, it might be easy to dismiss video right off the bat but there are 3 things to consider about wedding videography when planning your wedding day.

Let’s face it, videography is the one thing that gets cut from the budget when it comes to planning your wedding. In our opinion, video is just as important as photos of your wedding. These are a few reasons why we believe this

| 01. Relive Your Wedding Day

You can relive your wedding day whenever you want! One thing we love to include is the audio of an important part of the day, or the wedding ceremony! You get to hear and see the reactions and moments that made your wedding day so special!

Bonus, once you start having little ones, it will be a great family video to show them!

On a personal note, Arturo’s uncle filmed our wedding, and we wish that we had hired a professional videographer. The quality and audio would have been significantly better.

| 02. A glimpse of your wedding day as a whole 

Just like you get to do with your wedding photos, you get to see parts of the day that you may not have witnessed. Only with video you get to see the interactions and reactions of your guests and you with your guests.

Plus, the bride doesn’t get to see the groom and his groomsmen hanging out in the groom suite on the wedding day and vice versa. This is such a fun experience to see another part of your wedding day that you wouldn’t normally see! Can’t tell you how many funny comments and conversations happen in the groom suite, and how fun it is to hear those later!

|03. Share your wedding video with it with your loved ones 

Your wedding day is the one day in your life where everyone that matters to you in life can gather together and celebrate your marriage. Unfortunately there may be circumstances that arise that can prevent your family and friends from joining in the celebration. It is easy enough to share with them your wedding video and they can relive your wedding day with you even though they were able to be there with you physically.

Concerns that we’ve heard about Wedding Videography 

It’s one more vendor to work with.

If you find a team or one company that can do both, your wedding day will run smoother because they are familiar with one another and how they shoot! We know you don’t need to worry about their interaction because it is your wedding day. It is nice to know when all of your vendors are on the same page and working towards the common goal of making your wedding day remembered for all the right things.

These 3 things to consider about wedding videography can help you decide what your wedding priorities are, and it is our hope that this helps you make planning your wedding easier!

May 13, 2020

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