How Many Hours of Wedding Day Coverage Do You Need?

a wedding ceremonyHow many hours of wedding day coverage do you need?

You’ve booked venue, and now it’s time to book your photographer, but for how long? How many hours of wedding day coverage do you need? No worries! We’ve got you covered! 

There is one big  factor that dictates how much wedding coverage you need for your wedding. Is your wedding ceremony in the same location as your reception?

Yes! Perfect! Your travel time from the ceremony location to your reception is very short for you and your guests!

If it’s not, no problem. One thing to  remember is that your wedding day coverage is consecutive. What does that mean?

This means that if you have your wedding ceremony in one location, and your reception venue in another, the travel time from the ceremony and reception is included in the wedding day coverage. That travel time can add a significant amount of time to your wedding day coverage depending on how far apart your ceremony and reception are from one another. 

Your wedding day coverage can look like 9 to 10 hours when you have your ceremony and reception in different locations. If your wedding is all in one location, 8 hours is often the perfect amount of wedding day coverage. 

Another aspect to keep in mind for your wedding day timeline is what season of the year are you getting married in? If you are getting married in the winter, your wedding ceremony time will need to be earlier in order to have sunlight to take those amazing Husband & Wife Portraits after the ceremony and family formals.  The earlier the ceremony, the more time you may need in the beginning part of the day! Check out our blog post, 4 Tips To Setting Your Ceremony Time!  It will help you figure out what time you should set your wedding ceremony and still get all your husband & wife portraits captured! 


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