7 Reasons Why You Should Have An Engagement Photo Shoot

7 Reasons Why You Should Have An Engagement Photo Shoot

If you are on the fence about whether or not you should take engagement photos with your fiancé,  these are 7 Reasons Why You Should Have an Engagement Photo Shoot and celebrate this exciting time in your life! You are engaged, why not celebrate with engagement photos!

Celebrate & Take a Break From Wedding Planning

More often than not, there is some kind of stress during the wedding planning process. Taking a break from the Wedding Planning process, to have your photos taken is a great way to forget the stress and focus on the excitement of your marriage and your upcoming wedding! This is the only time in your life when you will be a fiancé, make it a memorable time! 

Professional Photos

The engagement session is often the first time couples get to take professional photos together! With that, can come some pressure but we don’t want you to feel worried about anything because an engagement session allows you to get comfortable in front of the camera. Which is our next reason!  

To get comfortable in front of camera

We do not normally live in front of a camera all day everyday, not even our cell phone camera  lol. So  it’s important to get you comfortable in front of the camera, because believe it or not, our mood can come out in photos. It’s in the eyes and corners of your mouth! 

The last thing we want is for you to have a Ricky Bobby moment, and have your hands floating up to your face so during the engagement session, you have the opportunity to get comfortable with the posing. This is great prep for your Husband & Wife portraits after your ceremony on your wedding day. All the posing will feel familiar and come back to you like muscle memory!

To get comfortable with photographer

An engagement session is the first opportunity to work together with you! Why is this so important? Well every couple is different, and every couple interacts differently together! During your engagement photos we get to know you better and what makes you smile! 

Also, if there’s anything that you feel self conscious about, the engagement sessions is the perfect time to let us know. We will always put you in the best light, and best pose! It’s great to know these things ahead of time, so we can recall them for the wedding day and continue to put you in the best light and best pose!  

A Time To Dress Up – Hair and makeup trial

This may be the first time you get to have your photos taken together, why not dress up and enjoy your session to the fullest! For the ladies, it is a perfect time to get your hair and makeup trial done before the wedding! Being that it is a trial run, it allows you to see if you like the look you had in mind for your wedding day! 

One suggestion that we always  make to our couples is to make the most out of their engagement photos is to enjoy a nice dinner together after their session! 

Photos to use on Wedding Day & for Save The Dates

We are firm believers in printing your photos to celebrate your love and marriage!  You can use your engagement photos all throughout your wedding planning! From the Save The Dates, to a large photo of you both on display at your wedding, etc. What’s great about any large photos that you print for the wedding, you can then hang them up in your new home together after the wedding! 

Check out our blog post on 6 Ways You Can Use Your Engagement Photos

Photos of you both in locations that you love

Having photos of you and your fiancé in a location that is special to you both or captures who you both are or something you love to do, makes the photos all the more special and you will be able to see that in your photos! Trust us, smiling with your fiancé in a nostalgic location will be no problem!

Engagement photo shoots are such a fun time and experience! We hope that you have found these 7 Reasons Why Should Have An Engagement Photo Shoot helpful throughout your wedding planning!


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