Top 5 Things We Love To Do In New York City

We absolutely love going to New York! It’s one of our favorite vacation destinations! We love the being able to walk everywhere or simply take the subway! These are the Top 5 Things we love to do in New York City every time we go!

  1. Pizza at Juliana’s in Brooklyn
On our first trip to NYC, we took a Brooklyn Bridge walking tour. It was a really awesome tour! We started by the Fulton Fish Market, went from lower Manhattan up to the Brooklyn Bridge. Our tour guide gave us the history on the buildings, and the Bridge. When we finished our walk across the bridge and through the Brooklyn skyline, our tour guide recommended highly rated food in Brooklyn. Juliana’s was the first place on his list! Thankfully we don’t have to go far from the Brooklyn Bridge! It’s just along Old Fulton St.

The pizza is by far the best we’ve ever had! It is real and authentic pizza made in a brick oven! We go every time we visit! We love Juliana’s! 

Outside photo of the Juliana’s Pizza Sign
  1. Cheesecake at La Bella Ferrara in Little Italy
The first Arturo went to New York, a family friend that is local told him about La Bella Ferrara! The cheesecake and canopies are amazing there!
Picture of the outside sign of La Bella Ferrera Bakery
  1. Breakfast Bagels at Ess-a-bagel
They are the best bagels that we’ve had in New York! Many other people do as well! The times we’ve stopped by to get a bagel, the line is out the door and starting to go around the block! But they are well worth the wait! These bagels are big and full of whatever you order them with! Egg & Cheese is soooo good!
Photo of the outside of Ess-a-bagel
  1. The Metropolitan Museum of Art
We love going to The Met! There is so much to see at the Met, we could never get through the whole museum! Some of our friends that have grown up in NYC have not even gone through the whole museum! It is nice to just walk around the museum, but we love to guided tours of the museum! Being the history lovers that we are, we love to hear the significance of the artifacts!
  1. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge
Not only is the view on both sides amazing, but the history of how the Brooklyn Bridge was built is interesting and profound! We love history! Which is one of the reasons we chose to do our 3 year anniversary photos on the Brooklyn Bridge!
A photo of the Brooklyn Bridge in DUMBO
New York City is one of our favorite places! We’ve enjoyed an anniversary session on the Brooklyn Bridge, a Broadway Show, countless pies (pizza that is), cheesecakes, and many miles walked up and down the pavement! If you take a trip to New York, we highly recommend checking out any of Our Top 5 Things We Love To Do in New York City!

We are Melissa & Arturo, a husband & wife team in San Antonio, TX. Welcome to our blog! In this space, we are excited to celebrate all of our amazing couples, share what we do, and tips for clients, photographers & videographers, and creatives!

Pour yourself some wine or coffee, depending on what time of day it is ;) and enjoy coming along on our adventures!

Melissa & Arturo




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  1. sara says:

    I love the NYC photos! I will definitely have to check out some of your recommendations on. your next trip

  2. Courtney says:

    Ah! NYC is on my bucket list 🙂 love this post!

  3. Winterlyn says:

    I’ve always wanted to visit New York! I think this is a great starter to places I would love to visit. Thank you.

  4. Josefin says:

    What a great post! I would love to visit NY one day and this pictures just want me to go right now!!!

  5. I’ve never been to NYC, but hope to visit someday!

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