Our 4 Year Anniversary

husband and wife walking together for their anniversaryOur 4 Year Anniversary

Every anniversary is a cause for celebration, and this year is our 4 year anniversary! Four years! 1461 Days of Marriage! Every year, we are in disbelief that it has literally been a year since our last anniversary!

How this year was different than any other anniversary

This year’s anniversary is definitely different due to COVID. Our travel plans have been cancelled this year, but we still made the most of our anniversary while at home! We enjoyed our wedding dinner from our amazing caterer, Heavenly Gourmet, our wedding cake from Cakes & More, pool time at home, and an anniversary session with our amazing friends, Tammie & David!

We continue to grow

While dating, we always dreamed about what it was going to be like when we were married, and we have to say, the dreams didn’t even come close to what we imagined from the start! Reality is so much sweeter and it’s been incredible!

Fun Things We’ve Done in Our Fourth Year of Marriage!

  1. We started learning Arabic, yes you read that right, Arabic! We are learners at heart, and are enjoying sharing God’s word in another language!
  2. We travelled to New York City for a second time! One of our Favorites Destinations! This time we took our mom, and Aunt & Uncle with us, and played the tour guides! We filled up on our favorite pizza, bagel, and cheesecake! We can’t wait travel and visit again!
  3. We attended our first United conference in Arizona! Apart from our Spiritual Conventions that we attend every year, it’s the best conference we’ve ever been to! We met all of our mentors, it was such a fan girl moment!
  4. We experience East Coast Winter! We travelled to Washington DC and Richmond Virginia in December! It was cold, but a dry cold! We loved it! We were there to meet one of our mentors, Katelyn James!
  • We both did the StrengthFinders test, and it has made us better communicators with one another!


Each year of marriage gets better and better, because we continue to learn about each other and find new things to love about each other as we grow as individuals! These are just a few of the many things we’ve enjoyed during our 4 years of marriage! We can’t wait to see what our 5th year will look like!


husband and wife walking in new york city

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